Guido Bastian
German - born July 5th 1983

Current Location:
Poststraße 7, 10178 Berlin
Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49-176-9855-6637

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I'm a passionate 3D and Game Artist, born 1983 in Rostock, localized in Berlin Germany.

I can look a long way back, taking first steps with modding and building
level and sprites for Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior with Ken Silvermens Build Engine in the mid 90s. This was my first experience in working with 3D
and it never stopped.

With a background in graffiti, airbrush, traditional art and sculpting, i always tried to find my way into the game industry.
And since 2010 i'm finally on my way!

I'm an enthusiastic artist, teamplayer and problem solver with an open communication ability and a mind full of ideas and knowledge.
My objective is to work on original games in a challenging team environment, to share my passion and skills with other artists. It's always my goal to give more than 100% and push the final product over its expectations.



Smeet Communications© Apr. 2011 - Dez. 2012
(Environment and Character Artist)

- Conception, Modeling and Texturing
- Rigging and Animation
- High Level Content Development
- Flash Animation


Smeet Communications© Oct. 2010 - Mar. 2011
(Internship Environment Artist)

- Modeling and Texturing
- Flash Animation



Maxon Cinema 4D -
Autodesk Maya -
Pixologic zBrush -
Adobe Photoshop -
Maxon Body Paint 3D -
Topogun -
(Animation) Adobe Flash -


Unity3D -
Valve Hammer Editor -
Smeet© Flash Engine -


LowRes/HigRes Modeling -
Handpainted Textures -
Isometric Development -
Modular Development -

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